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Premium UK Wildflower Meadow Mix - 10g pack
Premium UK Wildflower Meadow Mix - 10g pack
Premium UK Wildflower Meadow Mix - 10g pack

Premium UK Wildflower Meadow Mix - 10g pack

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Premium UK Wild Flower Meadow seeds - 10g pack of seeds for bees. 

Usage: Ideal for colourful garden or meadow areas (or in large pots or planters)

A 10 gram approx premium mix of native and naturalised annual and perennial wild flower seeds - enough for between 5 and 10 sq m approx - selected to attract bees and butterflies - will help the UK bee population to survive and thrive. 🐝🌼🌷🌺🌸🌹

**If giving as gifts - multiple packs are sent together in the same small envelope, if you'd like these in individual envelopes (ie. to give as gifts) please advise us with a note at checkout**

Contents vary but include a mix from: Paper Daisy, Pheasant Eye, Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Dwarf Morning Glory, Evening Primrose, Forget-Me-not, Chamomile, Love-in-a-Mist, Corn Cockle, Poppy, Golden Tick Seed, Borage, Purple Tansy, Blanket flower, Clovers, Clarkia, Cosmos, Marsh Mallow, Yellow Rattle, Blue Lupin, Corn Marigold, Gypsophila, Four o’ Clock, Dahlia.

Please note images are a guide only and you may not get those exact results.

All instructions for planting are included, whether you want to plant in pots or in the garden - click to view our sowing guide.

FREE delivery to all UK addresses! - in stock and ready to be dispatched today.

We will donate a minimum of 20p per Wildflower seed purchase to Bumblebee Conservation Trust via Work for Good (alongside donations to our other good causes)

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