Wildflower gifts are great for end-of-term - or, or course, any other time of year!

A Massive Thank You...

We have a very proud announcement to make...😃

In just a few months with your help we have managed to raise over £1200 for our chosen charities!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you all for your support in purchasing, planting, sharing and making the world a better place 🐝💐🌈😃

We have also been able to participate in some amazing NHS projects by donating our seeds and badges.

We are just at the start of an amazing journey...

Appropriately, just like a small seed... our ambition is to grow into something incredible and help the world be a better place.

Let’s continue to spread the word and wear our badges with pride 🌈🐝😃

Follow #seeds4bees on instagram, post your progress, let’s get our kids outside doing something fun and let’s do our bit to help save our bees!🐝🐝

Below are the amounts we have donated to each of our causes;

NHS - £575.00
Bumblebee Conservation Trust - £200.00
Honeybee Conservancy Trust - £150.00
Friends of the Earth - £150.00
Bug Life - £150.00
Mind - £375.00