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What to expect in our seeds

Here are some of the beautiful wild flowers in our wildflower seed packs. These vibrant colours really attract wildlife into the garden 🐝🐞

The California poppy (top) likes a lot of sun. Both bees and butterflies are drawn to the poppy nectar. Once the flowers have gone, birds are then attracted to the seeds 💛

Bees can see colour in the blue/violet spectrum better than any other hue. Both the cornflower and the Lacey phacelia (purple tansy) (above) make perfect additions to help attract these busy little pollinators 💜💙💜💙

To help you identify them, here's a full list of what plants are included in an average mix:

California Poppy Cornflower Purple Tansy
California Poppy Cornflower Purple Tansy
 Bitter Blue Lupin
 Black Medic
Birdsfoot Blue Lupin Black Medic
Corn Marigold
Corncockle Cornmarigold
Four o'clock Foxglove Gypsophila
Four o'clock Foxglove Gypsophila
Pheasant Eye
Love-in-a-mist Pheasant Eye Poppy
Pot Marigold
Scented Mayweed
Pot Marigold Sainfoin Scented Mayweed
Soapwort Yarrow Zinnia
Barley (for an authentic meadow touch!)


Note: whilst we expect you to get a good outcome from your seeds, we have to make a disclaimer – germination and growth are not in our control and are the responsibility of the end user. Various factors - ground preparation, weather, season, soil type, pests and too much or too little water will all have an affect. Also seeds take time to germinate and will flower at different times, so patience is needed. Any specific images used by Seeds4bees Ltd are only a representation of what you might expect and you may not get exactly the results shown.

For more detailed sowing instructions please read our Sowing Guide which you can find here.