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Why Bees?

Why do bees need help anyway?

To most of us bees are simply friendly visitors to our gardens, often seen buzzing around the flowers in spring and summer. However bees are vital as pollinators for both our food and for the plant life that make up the habitat for all of our wildlife.

Vital pollination

Whilst bees are not the only pollinators, they are one of the most important, mainly because they can pollinate on a much larger scale than any other. It could cost UK farmers up to a staggering £1.8 billion each year if they had to pollinate their crops manually.

Why are we losing them?

Because they face many threats, bees are declining on a massive scale – from loss of habitat and modern farming methods through to changing climate and the use of toxic pesticides. The loss of wild flower meadows and woodlands only exacerbates these threats, taking away the bees usual food source and, as a consequence, our supply of energy rich and medicinally important honey.

How can we help?

Firstly, by planting seeds for bees and filling your garden with bee-friendly wild flowers. Bees prefer a wide variety of flowering plants including Daisy, Poppy, Clover, Sunflower, Cornflower, Evening Primrose, Forget-Me-Not, Borage and Cosmos, which you can easily grow with our wild flower seeds for bees mix.

Secondly, by providing a bee and insect shelter – for both their nesting and hibernation needs. You could make your own shelter or buy one ready-made – hang it in your garden in a sunny sheltered spot and then, in spring and summer, watch bees and other insects move into their new home.

Above all, if we can each do just one small thing for our bees, we can help make a huge difference to our natural world!

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