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About us

About Us

We created as an initiative to promote the sowing of seeds for bees and other insects and wildlife, and to raise money for various good causes that we feel will really help improve our natural world, whether through planting wild flower meadows or supporting the natural habitats of critically endangered insects and plants.

Every item sold is as eco-friendly as possible and chosen to represent our cause, thereby making it easy to identify who we're helping and why we're helping them.

Contributions will be donated to our chosen causes however our ambition is to raise awareness and action as much as it is to raising funds - see The Buzz... for our latest contributions and endeavours.

We are a small Dorset based family run business (DEFRA 7749) with a desire to improve the natural world around us - before it's too late!

By working together we can make a genuine improvement to our world - your support, even by buying just one item, can make a huge difference!

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