Now's a great time to sow wildflowers - warm and damp soil helps bring an early spring display!

Bee Roads - what are they?🐝🐝

As 97% of wildflower-rich land (7 million hectares!) has vanished since the 1940's - due to modern agricultural and urban development! Buglife - a conservation charity launched its B-Lines network (or Bee Roads!), in the hope that this would restore and create at least 150,000 hectares of wildflower 'pathways'!

B-lines are a mapped network of existing and potential wildflower habitats - criss-crossing the country. The 3km wide corridors stretch from the coast to the countryside, towns and cities - covering around 48,000 sq km of England.

So, if you want to create your own 'pit stop' for Bees sow some wildflower seeds!🌺🌸🌼