Now's a great time to sow wildflowers to help the bees! - click here

Create a 'buzz' in your garden!


Plant a variety of flowers in your garden or outside space so that bees can access nectar from March to October. Bees love the traditional cottage garden flowers and, of course, native wildflowers - as included in our mixes! 🌺🌸🌼🌻

With careful planning you can have a variety of flowers throughout the whole season. Due to climate change leading to more exotic plants being planted, bees are becoming more active during the winter. If space allows, leave an area of the garden as wilderness, some bees like long grass and making nests in wild areas such as hedgerows. 🐝🐞

You can create an insect house not only for the bees but for other insects too! Use hollow stems like bamboo with twigs tied together with string.

Follow this link for a WWF Bee Hotel Guide