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How can I help our bees? ...🐝🐝


Did you know about a third of our food wouldn't be here without bees and other pollinators? A recent report however, states that one in every ten species of wild bees face extinction! 🐝🐝

Their decline can be directly linked to intensive farming, use of pesticides and urbanisation causing a loss of their natural habitats.

Since the 1930's we've lost 97% of our wildflower meadows - so vital for pollinators!

Whether you have a window box, large garden or allotment, sow some wildflower seeds and, in return, the bees 🐝 will pollinate the flowers, fruit, crops and vegetables!


Bee Facts -


The number of seasons in which different bee types need pollen and nectar


% of flower rich meadows which have been lost since the 1930's!

Β£1.8 billion

How much it would cost UK farmers to pollinate their crops without bees!


 What are you waiting for - get planting now! - the bees need all the help we can give! 🐝🐞🌺