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What activities can I do with the kids in the garden?



👭👬Kids just love the outdoors and nature in general, so here are some suggested activities that can be done outside or inside - if the weather's not behaving! 😔

A garden treasure hunt -
What you'll need - some friends, a list of things to hunt for, a snack and a drink to have after all their hard work! 🍕😍
• Give them a list of things to hunt for such as -
• Numbers - find leaves with 1/2/3/4/5 etc points.
• Colours - find ten different coloured flowers or match the colours on their clothing. 🌺🌸🌼
• Shapes - find a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, diamond, star etc. 🔻🔹
• Alphabet - find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. 🔤
• Language - find something soft, hard, wet, dry, hot, cold, rough, smooth etc.

Go on a scent trail -
What you'll need - a garden with scented plants, two sheets of paper, some friends and an adult! 👭👬
• Ask the children to collect some scented plants from the garden, leaves as well as flowers. 🌿🌷
• Get them to sort them on their sheets of paper by scent - nice/stinky, beautiful/ugly, strong/weak, sweet/savoury, flowery/spicy.
• Get them to talk about the scents, which is their favourite and why? Do they agree?


Play a garden memory game -
What you'll need - a cloth, a flat surface, a selection of leaves, flowers, seed heads, and other interesting items from the garden (start with about 5 items and add more if you think it's too easy! 🙄
• Put the items on the flat surface and talk about them together, discuss their colours, shapes, number of petals etc.
• Give the children a few minutes to remember what they've learnt.
• Cover the items with a cloth, leave the cloth on for 2/3 minutes then ask questions about them to test their memory!
• Finally, remove the cloth and see if they remembered everything!


Changing the colour of flowers - 🌺🌸🌼
What you'll need - assorted flowers, jam jars, liquid food colouring
• Simply fill your jam jars with clean water, add 1-2 teaspoons of your chosen food colouring and pop your flowers in - wait for the magic to happen! As the flowers take up the food colouring and change colour - a good basic science experiment too! 😊


The old favourite - Cress heads! 🌱🌱
What you'll need - An empty eggshell, kitchen roll, cotton wool, felt tip pens and cress seeds
• Decorate the egg shell using the felt tip pens
• Put some wet kitchen roll in the bottom of the empty egg shell and some damp cotton wool on top
• Evenly spread some cress seeds on top and press down gently
• Put the egg shell in a warm place - like a windowsill and wait for the seeds to grow - usually takes about 7 days!😋

These are just a few ideas - our kid's activity pack has some other great nature themed projects to keep them entertained come rain or shine! 🌦 Click here