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Giant Yellow Sunflower Seeds
Giant Yellow Sunflower Seeds
Giant Yellow Sunflower Seeds

Giant Yellow Sunflower Seeds

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Giant Yellow Sunflowers 

Add a little bit of sunshine to your life by sowing these Giant yellow sunflower seeds. Attractive to bees and butterflies and even a tasty treat for the birds once they’ve finished flowering and have turned into ‘giant seed heads’ - a win for everyone!🐝🌻

Contents -

 20 Giant yellow sunflower seeds

• Full Sowing Instructions

(A contribution from every item sold will go towards our good causes)

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Perfect Sunflower Gifts For Everyone

Growing your own sunflowers can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, adding natural beauty to any outdoor space whilst also providing value to local wildlife. Everyone loves sunflowers, and growing them couldn't be any easier, making them a lovely gift for any floral lover. Our giant yellow sunflower seeds come with full instructions and plenty of seeds, meaning you can fill your front and back garden with colour, even if you don't have any growing experience.

This variety of sunflowers boasts big and bright flowers that are full of colour and are
guaranteed to add a cheerful note to any space. They are beginner-friendly flowers meaning that almost anyone can succeed in growing gorgeous plants that can be enjoyed throughout the summer, as they typically flower from June to September. No matter the occasion, sunflower gifts are always an amazing choice for a friend or family member.

Sunflower Gifts

What Makes Sunflowers So Special?

Here at Seeds4Bees, we provide a huge range of seeds for flowers of many different kinds so what makes sunflowers stand out from the rest?

Their High Visibility - Whether growing by your front door or at the back of your garden, sunflowers always draw attention to themselves with vibrant colours and tall stems. And with different colours, they will never blend into the background.

They Bring Joy - Sunflowers bring happiness to everybody around them and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. These adorable plants can turn an average bouquet into something positive and brimming with joy.

They Are Easy To Grow - If you love sunflowers, but aren't an experienced gardener, fear not - with our seed kit, all you need is sun, soil and water, and these plants will surely thrive. They will continue to impress right until the cool winter season and are an easy way to brighten up a garden for anybody, regardless of experience.

Still Unsure? - If you are still unsure about sunflowers, just give them a go and see for yourself. Our seeds are highly affordable, and we offer free shipping all across the UK, meaning you have nothing to lose! Whether for your own space or as a gift to a loved one, these special flowers are bound to impress.

Helping Your Local Ecosystem

Our team are passionate about the environment, and sunflower seeds are one of the easiest ways for people to do their bit. Creatures of all kinds will love the presence of sunflowers in your garden, as the flowers and seeds greatly benefit their habitats. Bees and butterflies will visit your garden all through the summer to feed from the giant flowers, whilst birds and squirrels will feast on the seeds once the plant has begun to die back in Autumn.

In addition to the many benefits that sunflowers bring, a portion of every sale will go to wildlife good causes that benefit the world around us, such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, BugLife and Friends Of The Earth. So why not add beauty to your garden and help our planet’s ecosystem at the same time? Give our sunflower seeds and sunflower gifts a try today!

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Excellent purchase, as always and fast delivery - a must is try the bee flowers

I have used this company for many years now, and never been let down once - would recommend to anyone especially bee lovers.

Wonderful Sunflowers!

Beautiful flowers really impressed with how many came up and the height of them