Now's a great time to sow wildflowers - warm and damp soil helps bring an early spring display!

UK Wildflower Seeds - SuperBloom mix
UK Wildflower Seeds - SuperBloom mix
UK Wildflower Seeds - SuperBloom mix

UK Wildflower Seeds - SuperBloom mix

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SuperBloom Wildflower Mix - a vibrant display this summer, and beyond!

A 10 gram approx SuperBloom mix of native, naturalised and other popular pollinator friendly annual and perennial wildflower seeds - pure seeds, no grass or vermiculite filler!

SuperBloom contents include our full Premium mix but with additional Poppy, Cosmos and Northern Lights, for a more vibrant display!
This special mix was created for an extra colourful display. There’s enough seed in each 10 gram pack for up to 10 sq mtrs and is specially selected for vibrant colours and to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators - what better way to help the UK bee population survive and thrive!

These seeds are ideal for pots, window boxes or gardens!

**If giving as gifts - we try to optimise packaging so may put multiple packs together in larger envelopes, if you'd like these in individual envelopes (ie. to give as separate gifts) please advise us with a note at checkout**

Please note images are a guide only, these are wildflowers so you may not get those exact results.

All instructions for planting are included, whether you want to plant in pots or in the garden - click to view our sowing guide.


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(Unfortunately, due to changes in export rules, we're unable to ship any product containing seeds outside the UK - hopefully this will only be a short term issue!)

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